Zara, an 11-month-old girl, in the town of Bandar Baru Bangi, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, passed away after being molested by the husband’s babysitter. Her mother, Noraihan Ab Aziz, 22, said that due to the busy work at the factory, two months ago, Noraihan posted a status to hire a nanny on her Facebook page.

After that a 28-year-old woman contacted Noraihan and said that she could take care of Zara. Noraihan shared “When I met her, I did not see any suspicious things through the way she communicated. However, at that time, her nanny’s husband and 20-month-old son were not at home. ”

Trusting the baby-sitter, Noraihan decided to let her baby in the babysitter’s house. However, she received the news from the hospital announcing that her baby was in critical condition. “The nanny and her husband took my daughter to the hospital. She called me five times but my phone was out of battery. When I went to the hospital, I saw the babysitter was quite sad. But her husband seemed very calm as the case never happened.

According to police, Zara was torn virginity and anus and hospitalized in critical condition. However, that was not the main reason. The 11-month-old girl was passed away by the impact at the head causing the skull to break. Police officer Ahmad Dzaffir said: “The two sides’ head of the victim also have bruises.”

Police said the suspect was a 36-year-old barber and passed the urine test, which is positive for stone drugs. Police have arrested the babysitter and her husband.

After her daughter’s death, Noraihan, 27, and their son, Muhammad Alif Zamani, 4, return to their hometown of Rantau Panjang, Kelantan, to bury Zara. In addition, Noraihan also posted on Facebook to warn other parents that they should be more careful when looking for caregivers for their children.

Source: SaoStar

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